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ACE Chief of Staff


Open Phone: (703) 230-6010
Secure Phone: 855-4436

Training Director


Open Phone: (703) 230-6077
Secure Phone: 855-4548

ACE Senior Contracting Officer


Open Phone: (703) 230-6015
Secure Phone: 855-4330

ACE Front Desk

Contact for any general ACE facility information as well as to schedule visits to the ACE and Reading Room appointments.

Open Secure
(703) 230-6100 N/A

Security Forms

If you need to schedule an ARC Reading Room appointment to view the classified ARC, please follow the instructions in the document below.

ARC Reading Room Access Process

If you need to pass your clearances to the ACE facility to view the classified ARC or to attend a meeting or conference, please follow the instructions in the document below.

ACE Clearance Cert Request

Acquisition Consultants & Contract Officers

For any and all questions and requests that pertain to a particular effort to include late submission of documentation as well as permission to effort resources or tabs. Please contact the efforts AC or CO. Contact information can be found by going to Current IC Efforts from the ARC homepage, clicking on the effort in question and then going to the “POC” tab. If you are requesting access to a blind effort please send your request via email to the ACE IT Helpdesk and they will forward the request to the appropriate personnel.

ACE IT Helpdesk

Call for assistance with user accounts and ACE hardware/software issues.

Open Secure
(703) 230-6300 855-4223
acehelpdesk@westfields.net acehelpdesk@ace.svc.nro.ic.gov

ACE Security

Contact with any security concerns. For general information please contact the ACE Front Desk.

Open Secure
(703) 230-6180 855-4145
(703) 230-6024 855-4166
acesecurity@westfields.net acesecurity@ace.npa.gov

ACE Central

Please Contact ACE Central if you wish to have a new effort posted to the ARC and do not have permission to do so. Ace Central is also responsible for assigning and Acquisition Consultant to new efforts.

Open Secure
(703) 230-6021 855-4394
acecentral@westfields.net acecentral@nro.ic.gov
(703) 230-6033 855-4336
barbara.downs@westfields.net barbara.downs@ace.svc.nro.ic.gov

ACE Training

Contact the training team with questions related to ACE Acquisition Training, Systems Engineering Training, or the University of Maryland and Virginia Tech Graduate Program.

Open Secure
(703) 230-6124 855-4595
(703) 230-6025 855-4109
(703) 230-6077 855-4548
sharon.flowers@westfields.net sharon.flowers@ace.svc.nro.ic.gov

NAM Online Admin

The NAM (NRO Acquisition Manual) Administrators should be contacted for any and all questions pertaining to the NAM.

Open Secure
(703) 808-2587 850-2587