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How Can I Do Business with the NRO?

Register on the ARC!

The NRO constantly seeks to advance our Nation’s capabilities in overhead intelligence through innovative and responsive business solutions. Creating an account on the NRO’s Acquisition Research Center (ARC) is the first step in doing business with the NRO. The ARC is the NRO’s clearinghouse for acquisition information and is the access point for new business opportunities, Industry Days, and other outreach activities.

Because of the sensitive nature of the NRO’s Mission, many (but not all) opportunities require personnel and/or facility security clearances. The NRO takes into consideration security clearances sponsored by other federal agencies. Classified business opportunities are advertised on the classified ARC, which can be reached via CWAN and JWICS at https://acq.nro.ic.gov. All registration for the ARC takes place on the unclassified network only. To register for the ARC, visit https://acq.westfields.net, then click the “Register” link in the top right corner of the page.

To register for the ARC, you will need several pieces of information:

  • Your full name
  • Your Social Security Number (SSAN) * (Disclosure of the SSAN is voluntary, but failure to disclose it may result in delay or denial of access.)
  • Your unclassified and optionally classified email addresses and daytime phone numbers
  • Ability to check and respond to your unclassified/black email within 24 hours to confirm your registration and activate your account
  • If you are a contractor or other non-government employee:
    • The DUNS number of your company or organization
    • A valid email address corresponding to your email domain(s) listed in SAM.gov
  • If you are a government employee:
    • Your government affiliation
    • Your directorate, if applicable
    • A valid government issued email address

You may also wish to view some training materials and other communications, provided below:

Training Videos

The ACE has made the following training videos avaialable to assist you in the usage of ARC 2.0.

Brief Video on ARC 20 Registration

Detailed Video on ARC 20 Registration, with Audio

Industry Briefing & FAQs

The ARC 2.0 Introduction to Industry Brief and FAQs are posted below.

ARC 2.0 Industry Brief

ARC 2.0 FAQs Brief