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How Do I Market My Corporate Capabilities within the NRO?

Build Your ARC Corporate Profile!

The first step to marketing to the NRO and the IC is to register in the ARC. Click how to register for information on how to create your account, or click register to begin creating your account right away. Once registered, be sure to update your corporate capabilities statement with keywords that actively reflect your core competencies.

Utilize the ARC to market your corporate capabilities directly to acquiring offices. The ARC Contractor Registry allows industry to share their contact information and capabilities statements with the government, and to facilitate teaming arrangements. The ARC is an important source of data for the NRO’s market research activities. Past experience has shown that entering into a subcontractor relationship with an existing NRO Industrial Partner is often the most successful path for demonstrating corporate capability. The ARC also identifies government Points-of-Contact and can be used to facilitate One-on-One sessions for briefing corporate attributes and solutions.

For companies new to the IC, teaming with large prime contractors is the easiest way to obtain business. The Contractor Registry Search is a good start.

Many of the IC's procurement requirements are classified. Uncleared contractors are encouraged to find cleared partners to work with in order to view classified procurement requirements and respond to these opportunities.

Attending industry days and other government to industry forums is also important for fostering a business relationship with the NRO and the IC. Be sure to look at Current Efforts to see which source selections might be conducting industry days. Also view the IC Public Announcements page for any announcements about industry forums or other communications.