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How Do I Get My Ideas Heard?

Submit Your Good Ideas!

Through the NRO’s Innovation Portal, found at Innovations Portal, Industry can learn about planned and ongoing targeted opportunities in areas of science, engineering and technology that are crucial to the NRO’s Mission. Participation in some of these initiatives may be limited by security requirements, but the NRO also manages a robust, unclassified research and development portfolio that is open to all U.S. –owned corporations, academic institutions and government laboratories.

Do you have an idea, an innovative tool or technique, but it does not fit under any of solicitations listed on the ARC? The NRO seeks out and supports pioneering ideas and innovative solutions to ensure that we stay on the cutting edge of reconnaissance. Information on how to submit White Papers and unsolicited proposals can be found here through either the ARC or the NRO’s Innovation Portal.The NRO is always looking for innovative thinkers to help advance our culture of Supra et Ultra.