Unclassified ARC Registration

Things you will need to register

  • Your full name
  • Your Social Security Number (SSAN) * (Disclosure of the SSAN is voluntary, but failure to disclose it may result in delay or denial of access.)
  • Your unclassified and optionally classified email addresses and daytime phone numbers
  • Ability to check and respond to your unclassified/black email within 24 hours to confirm your registration and activate your account
  • If you are a contractor or other non-government employee:
    • The DUNS number of your company or organization
    • A valid email address corresponding to your email domain(s) listed in SAM.gov
  • If you are a government employee:
    • Your government affiliation
    • Your directorate, if applicable
    • A valid government issued email address

By registering on the ARC, you agree to the ARC terms of use, PII terms of use and the above conditions.